Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant's Heart for the Homeless

During this edition of Humanity Update, we're going to focus on a legend- the late great Kobe Bryant.  We want to focus on some of the things about his life that maybe you have not heard in all of the wonderful stories that you've heard about his life so far.  We learned that not only was Kobe a great father; not only was he a great husband; not only was he an excellent basketball player, which goes without saying; but he was also a great humanitarian.  Many don't know the heart of Kobe Bryant for the homeless.  Note only did he have a heart for the homeless but, he did something about it and that is what we're going to focus in on today.  Our good friend Allen is going to share with you this documentary.  It is going to change your life just as it has changed the lives of so many others that have been positively impacted by the work this great man, Kobe Bryant, did during his stay with us here on earth.

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