Humanity Update Editions

  • Humanity Update- Dr. Tiffany "Mikki High" Hoffman

      Our special guest on this episode of Humanity Update is none other than Apostle Doc Hoffman's daughter, Dr. Tiffany "Mikki High" Hoffman.  Dr. Ti...
  • Humanity Update- Dr. F.J. Bennett

      Our guest in this episode of Humanity Update is Dr. F.J. Bennet- a partner with The Humanity Project.  She has written an excellent book entitle ...
  • Humanity Update- Dr. Latricia Hoffman

      Our guest on this edition of Humanity Update is none other than Apostle Doc Hoffman's wife of 27 years, Dr. Latricia Hoffman.  Dr. Latricia has ...
  • Humanity Update- Chief Leon Frazier

    Our guest on this edition of Humanity Update is Chief Leon Frazier.  He served the community in law enforcement and as a community activist for many years.  He has more recently had the opportunity to work with a civil rights icon whom we call "Queen Mother" or Amelia Boynton Robinson.
  • Humanity Update- Pastor Dr. Anthony Clark

    Our special guests during this edition of Humanity date are Mikki High of the Mikki High Bully No More Project and Tori Tellem of Tori Tellem Music. They're going to share and then we have a very special interview with my friend and yours, Pastor Dr. Anthony Clark...
  • Humanity Update- Mr. Ted Williams

    ur special guest during this edition of Humanity Update is Brother Ted Williams.  He is known as the "Man With the Golden Voice."
  • Humanity Update- Pastor Paul

    Homelessness and poverty has taken a toll on every society around the world, especially Africa's.  There are things being done, even now, in Kenya, Africa to combat this dreadful epidemic.  During this interview with Pastor Paul of Foundations of Faith Missions International Children's Center of Kenya...
  • Humanity Update- Ronald McDowell

    In this edition of Humanity Update, we had a special guest with us- Dr. Ronald McDowell.  He's a great man who's called "The Artist to the Stars."  He's worked with some of the greats like Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson family.
  • Humanity Update- Minister Carrie Davis

    Join Minister Carrie Davis as she shares her powerful voice during "A Gift of Worship."  You're going to be absolutely blessed as the Lord uses Minister Carrie L. Davis and the University of Birmingham, AL Gospel Choir.